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MyConnectivity aims to support access to high-performance connectivity for all residents and businesses and to unlock the socio-economic potential of the information society, including the implementation of national strategies for 5G and ultra-high-speed communication.

MyConnectivity intends to further connect the various stakeholders that offer and seek advanced connectivity.

Our mission is to:

• become a centre of expertise for advice and support to facilitate and shoulder the deployment of fixed and mobile electronic communications infrastructures

• advise or accompany the players in the field in the deployment of infrastructures

• inform residents, public and private players about the latest electronic communications technologies.

"We have to take the reins, loosen the knots and weave a sustainable network. Through this G.I.E., we will have a team of experts on the ground who will help overcome the problems that arise." Xavier Bettel,
Prime Minister and Minister for Communications and Media